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Welcome To WEVE! Use code 'WEVE2024' at checkout to receive 10% off of your first order.

Connetix Pastel Shape Expansion Pack 48 pc

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Original price $135.00
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Expand play and learning possibilities with Connetix 48 Piece Pastel Shape Expansion Pack. Featuring a range of exclusive magnetic tile shapes, including large triangles, right-angle triangles, quarter circles, pentagons, trapezoids and rhombi, this pack enhances design and play possibilities with Connetix.

Expertly curated, the Pastel Shape Expansion Pack encourages deeper mathematical understandings around fractions, measurement, location and transformation, while providing new possibilities for both 2D and 3D designs.

Inspire imaginations as quarter circles become winding roads, castle domes, or pizza and pie that can be equally shared! Marvel as large right-angle triangles transform into sturdy rocket fins, car ramps, while simultaneously adding extra support. Expand awareness of shapes as you tesselate trapezoids and rhombi together to create a large hexagon, or enjoy designing an array of flowers and butterflies. Challenge your inner engineer to utilise pentagons to create a dazzling dome.

Recommended Age: 3y+ (contains magnets and small parts)

Package Contents

  • 8 Pentagons – 1 of each colour
  • 8 Large Right Angles – 1 of each colour
  • 8 Large Equilateral Triangles – 1 of each colour
  • 8 Diamonds – 1 of each colour
  • 8 Trapezoids – 1 of each colour
  • 8 Quarter Circle – 1 of each colour
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